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5 June
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I'm 25 years old.
I am very happily married to a wonderful guy...my Joe. :-)
Yo sé hablar español. Me gusta español mucho.
I collect fairies, and I love fantasy art.
I spend most of my free time on eBay, looking for special finds or selling interesting things that I come across.
I work at a health food store, and I'm learning LOTS about natural remedies. If you have questions about this-or-that herb or vitamin, go ahead & ask! If I don't know, I have lots of references I can use in the store to find out.
I had the gastric by-pass surgery (the weight loss surgery!) in June of 2004. I have lost 130 lbs, and I am VERY happy about it. I am very open about it, and I welcome any & all questions you have.
I have 2 websites: my private photography website and my deviantART website. Here they are: http://www.BethanyH.com & http://bethanyh.deviantart.com/gallery
I've finally joined myspace, too. I'm not very active there, but I have an account. http://www.myspace.com/bethanyhphotography